OEMsecrets.com spells the end of “Dead End Sourcing”

OEMsecrets.com spells the end of “Dead End Sourcing”


We have all done it. We search for a part number on a component sourcing website and nothing comes up. In fact, on number of occasions many buyers will re-enter the part number just in case there was a mistake / typo. OEMsecrets.com have created a service behind the service whereby when the dreaded “No Results Found” message comes, up there is a further option.

OEMsecrets.com have been working in partnership with many independent distributors over the last few years that offer a wider database of sourcing capabilities. Each distributor has a unique line card. The OEMsecrets.com team will match any enquiry up with a supplier that specializes in sourcing that particular manufacturer. With a simple 6 box form and the click of a button you can be contacted with a quote by a approved supplier from the OEM Secrets team. This is typical of a forward thinking website that is owned and run by individuals that have actually sourced electronic components themselves and know the pit falls and frustrations of a parts search engine returning zero results.

To cater for all obsolete and hard to find component requirements from electronics buyers, OEMsecrets.com have also split screened the search results page to incorporate both franchised and independent distributors. Independent distributors can now list their in-stock inventory on the website. Electronics buyers can be assured that all inventory listed from independent distributors is in-stock only as regular quality checks are carried out to monitor and control this process. OEMsecrets.com is also working in concert with the Distributors Advisory Group (DAG) to combat counterfeit components in the industry. For more information please contact Christina.clark@ecccorp.org.

Buyers and engineers alike now expect this level of security and protection with online services.The emergence of OEMsecrets.com’s price comparison feature is equipped to securely cater for their every need. With live pricing and inventory levels from the industries largest franchised and independent distributors, purchasing professionals can drive down the costs of builds through swiftly locating electronic components. Furthermore, after finding the required parts, the buyer then has the capability of searching for the price needed to secure the order. This is made easy though shopping cart facilities on OEMsecrets which send the part directly into the distributors shopping cart ready for order.

With over 15 million line items of electronic components listed on the website, OEMsecrets.com is cementing itself as the one stop shop for buyers/engineers to source all of their active, passive, electro-mechanical and obsolete electronic component requirements. The OEMsecrets.com team are working tirelessly to attempt to bring an end to “dead end sourcing”.



Sam Cowley
Operational Director

Tel :+44 1904 436 434
Skype: samc@oemsecrets.com
E-mail: samc@oemsecrets.com

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